Thank you for your interest in the Albuquerque Sister Cities Foundation.
We are a group of passionate Citizen Diplomats from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities that desire to promote mutual respect and understanding between the citizens of our city and the world.We particularly focus on the international cities who are officially partnered to Albuquerque by mayoral proclamations.We believe that by building the proper cultural bridges to our sister cities, other important connections can be achieved in the areas of education and business that ultimately work together to create strong, vibrant relationships with our “sisters.” Barriers come down, life-long friendships are created, and the goal of promoting lasting world peace is furthered.As a 501 (c)3 non-profit and also as a membership-based organization involving youth to seniors, your involvement is not only welcome but needed. There’s plenty of fun things to do–from potlucks, trips, cultural celebrations, concerts, international teas, seminars, and the like. See you at the next event!

Oguljan Young, President

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“Mr. President,” the letter began written in Spanish