Chihuahua, Mexico is the capital of the state in Mexico with the same name. An ancient city with Tarahumara Indian roots, the city of Chihuahua was officially founded in 1709 by Antonio Deza y Ulloa, and thus was first called “San Felipe de Real.” Strategically located on a trade route which followed the Rio Grande to Santa Fe, bringing European and Mexican goods via caravans, Chihuahua features a colorful history spanning several centuries and enduring both Spanish and French conflict. Between 1910 – 1917 the famous Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa, made Chihuahua his base of operations. Since that time the city has developed strong ties to the United States, growing in manufacturing and agriculture. For a more detailed history please visit,_Chihuahua.

Early 18th century Metropolitan Cathedral in downtown Chihuahua

Early 18th century Metropolitan Cathedral in downtown Chihuahua...Photo by LeFairh*

Chihuahua became a Sister City to Albuquerque in 1970 with ceremonies in Chihuahua. Since that time the two cities have enjoyed many exchanges in both business, education, and cultural areas. Both cities have some of the oldest architecture in their respective countries. Chihuahua’s ancient cathedral predates any in the United States. Chihuahua’s culture reflects a rich tapestry of both Spanish and Indian influence. More recently, Chihuahua has begun to mirror its sister city to the immediate north by establishing an annual balloon festival with several balloonists from Albuquerque taking part each year.

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